We explore physics behind hot, energetic phenomena in the universe through a wide variety of telescopes including space-based X-ray observatories. Our research particularly focuses on high energy physical processes associated with supernova remnants, neutron stars, and black holes. We also develop new observational instruments for future satellite missions.



The paper by Mr. Minami has been accepted.

“2-mm-Thick Large-Area CdTe Double-sided Strip Detectors for High-Resolution Spectroscopic Imaging of X-ray and Gamma-ray with Depth-Of-Interaction Sensing”, for which Takahiro Minami of our group was the first author, has been accepted for publication in NIM A.https://arxiv.org/abs/2312.07915The purpose of this research is to develop 2-mm-Thick Large-Area CdTe-DSD for various applications including  space observation of hard X- or soft gamma-ray, evaluate its performance, and reconstruct 3D positions interacted  with photons using our constructed theoretical model of the detector response.