We explore physics behind hot, energetic phenomena in the universe through a wide variety of telescopes including space-based X-ray observatories. Our research particularly focuses on high energy physical processes associated with supernova remnants, neutron stars, and black holes. We also develop new observational instruments for future satellite missions.



XRISM has been launched successfully !

The X-ray space satellite XRISM, in which we participate, was successfully launched by the H2A rocket. Bamba Lab is playing a major role in the onboard equipment Xtend, satellite software, and science creation. The satellite will be activated over the next three months, aiming for first light.

Mr. Vincenzo Sapienza backed to Italy.

An exchange student, Mr. Vincenzo Sapienza from Palermo University, backed to Italy. He stayed our labo 5 months, and dcussed a lot on supernova remnants, especially for SN1987A and RCW86. We hope we can keep our tight collaboration forever.

JAXA balloon flight was successful !

The engineering balloon experiment of GRAMS, a cosmic MeV gamma-ray observation project in which Bamba Lab. participates, was held in Taiki Town, Hokkaido, Japan. After 3 weeks of waiting for the wind, the balloon was released early morning on July 27, and after confirming stable operation at an altitude of 29 km, it was safely retrieved. We are looking forward to data analysis in the future. The photo shows the balloon floating in the dawn sky just before release.